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Reading journal: The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz

Genre: Mystery Published: 2017 Series: Hawthorne Date read: October 2018 A woman arranges her funeral, then, that very night, is murdered. Horowitz, in his own person, is dragged unwillingly into the investigation, under the pretext of writing up the case as it’s investigated by Daniel Hawthorne, a man he hardly knows and doesn’t like. I love the circularity of the story, the idiocy of Horowitz out of his depth in a real investigation, and the wonderful array of red herrings. I would never have guessed or even imagined the identity of the killer. Great story from a master of the art.

Reading journal: Embers and Echoes by Daniel De Lorne

Genre: Rural gay romance Published: 2018 Date read: September 2018 Ben Fields, a policeman, and Toby Grimshaw, a firefighter, have a history. In a small town like Echo Springs, on the edge of the outback, they can’t avoid each other, especially when the town is threatened by escalating arson attacks. We want Ben and Toby to solve the mystery, survive the danger, and get back together, and since this is a romance, they do. An enjoyable light read.

Reading journal: The Dark Lake by Sarah Bailey

Genre: Crime Published: 2017 Read: February 2018 A gripping story about a murder in a large Australian country town. Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock is investigating the death of an old school friend, a woman for whom she had an unhealthy obsession. As the investigation progresses, the consequences of decisions and actions made in the past come back to haunt Gemma. Traumatic events from her teenage years are slowly revealed to be integral to solving the case. I stayed up very late to finish this, as it was too difficult to put it down. The book is written in the present tense, which I usually find difficult, but in this case it seemed completely appropriate and easy to read. One word of warning. If you’re reading an ebook version, my copy didn’t open at the beginning (a prologue labelled “now”), instead leaping ahead to Chapter 1. Reading the prologue would have helped! Fast paced, lots of twists and turns and emotions, recommended.

Reading journal: Two Man Station by Lisa Henry

Genre: Romance (m/m) Published: 2018 Series: Emergency Services Read: February 2018 The latest offering from prolific Australian author Lisa Henry is set in the remote outback town of Richmond in Queensland. Gio Valeri, dragging baggage from his previous Gold Coast posting behind him, joins Jason Quinn in policing the small town. He has to deal with snakes, neglected children, family violence, and the strange fallout from bingo night, as well as a growing attraction to Jason. A great book. I particularly liked the snake silhouettes that divide the chapters, and the realistic portrayal of the difficulties of single parenting and limited resources in policing in a remote area. Recommended. If you want to see what Richmond looks like in real life, there are plenty of photos on Google Maps and you can see the police station on street view. Town of Richmond, Queensland, Australia. Copyright Google Maps