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Change the spelling and you're done?

I’m an Australian author, writing about Australia. I use Australian English, with all its weird slang and strange usages. What should I do to make my writing more accessible to international readers, especially the giant USA market? Tricky. I can change the spelling , of course. Turn “colour” into “colour”, “centre” into “center”, “organise” into “organize”. Fairly easy to do. But spelling isn’t everything. It’s hardly anything at all. There’s usage . I would say “he parked the car behind the shop”. An American might expect to read “he parked the car in back of the shop”. I would write, "that wasn't as big a surprise as he expected", not "that wasn't as big of a surprise as he expected". In fact, that seems rather quaint. There’s vocabulary . A knitted woollen garment is a jumper in Australia and the UK. Not in the USA, where people don’t know what I’m talking about. We say “autumn”, not “fall”. A glossary might help a little bit, but p