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Old fairy tales never die

Trolls under the bridge   is a flash fiction story in which I tried to capture the fear of crossing over a bridge where anything might be lurking, unseen, below. Read my story  here  and let me know what you think. Why did I write this story? Updating or expanding old fairy tales or children's stories is commonplace. Think films like Shrek . Or Australian writer Christopher Ruz’s story, Pan , (available in  Andromeda Spaceways #62) . The original Peter Pan was disturbing enough, but this is chilling. One of my favourite fairy tales has always been The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and not just because my brother is called Billy. I love the idea of something nasty lurking in an apparently benign landscape. Why do trolls live under the bridge and wait for goats to cross over? Are goats really all that tasty? And what are trolls anyway? Terry Pratchett included trolls in many of his wonderful stories. Terry’s trolls have names like Detritus, and can only think clearly when it’s