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Hiding in plain sight

Grey moth, grey bricks, perfect hiding place. I only saw it because I was checking out the state of the mortar. Hiding in plain sight is what we all do. We might call it fitting in, but it's a way of being part of the herd so we don't get picked off by predators. Every job I've ever had required a particular way of dressing. When I was selling books to school teachers, I dressed like a teacher — formal but comfortable. When I worked in the civil service, it was suits, ironed shirts, scarves, stockings, high heeled shoes. When I worked in a university, it was dressing like a lecturer — casual but not scruffy. Get it wrong and you stand out. Recently I moved to the country, generally more conservative than the city. For the first time in many years I started wearing my wedding ring again. Not that I suddenly felt more married, just that it felt right to send clear signals. It's not camouflage. I'm not hiding anything, just emphasising one attribute that is