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Summer downunder in Australia

If you live in the northern hemisphere, Australia's seasons can be confusing. Here's what you need to know about summer. Summer is officially December 1 to February 28. DECEMBER December is the end of the school year and the university (college) year. Think end of year formals (dances) for high school kids. Think crazy pace of shopping for Christmas with all the kids underfoot. Think office Christmas parties and huge numbers of people off on holiday. Christmas Day on 25 December is a public holiday. For some it means church, for most it means family get-togethers and opening presents. Christmas is the main family event in Australia, and people travel long distances to be with family. Food is excessive. Some have traditional roast meat with pudding, others have barbecues, salads and seafood. Boxing Day 26 December is for retail frenzy, the after Christmas sales. I've never been to them. Also, the start of the Sydney-Hobart yacht race, which looks excel