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Book review: The House on Burra Burra Lane by Jennie Jones

Country romance set in the Snowy Mountains, fantastically beautiful part of the world. Good tag line…"a dilapidated house, a city girl looking for a tree change, and a rugged vet with a past". Samantha (Sam) is a fashion designer escaping from problems in Sydney, and Ethan is the local vet. Both of them have dark secrets in their past, and the plot exposes these gradually, with a reasonable degree of tension, although some plot elements are not particularly plausible. The author is on much more solid ground in her descriptions of the town, the annual fete, the house, and the environment, especially the spring melt and the local cars (utes, or utility vehicles, aka pickup trucks only a lot more battered.) I enjoyed the story although some parts were a little bit slow. Canberra airport gets a mention when they are delayed in long queues trying to obtain land transport—very true to life from my own experience...