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Reading journal: Come to Grief by Dick Francis

Genre: Crime Published: 1995 Series: Sid Halley Read: January 2018 This is the third story featuring Sid Halley, a jockey forced from racing after a catastrophic injury to his hand. Instead, he has become a successful investigator. In this harrowing story he tries to find the sick individual who is mutilating horses, and is horrified to discover that the culprit is a friend. Sid’s problems begin after he has solved the crime, with heavyweights behind the scenes going to great lengths to discredit him and ruin his reputation. Sid also helps a sick child and a teenager on the edge in this excellently written book. This is one of Dick Francis's best books, in my opinion, with an engaging plot, real danger and emotional depth. Highly recommended.

Reading journal: Whip Hand by Dick Francis

Genre: Crime Published: 1979 Series: Sid Halley Read: January 2018 Ex-jockey Sid Halley returns in this second book in the series. Now an independent investigator, he is on the trail of corruption in the Jockey Club, illegal syndicates that fix race results, and the mysterious failure of highly fancied favourites in big races. As if that wasn’t enough, his ex-wife has become involved in a fraud and he must find the perpetrator to protect her. His opponents use extreme violence to try to deter him, but Sid is made of sterner stuff and finds his courage in time to finger the criminals. I particularly like the description of a balloon race, where Sid finds himself in a tiny wicker basket thousands of feet up with someone as crazy about winning as he is himself. Great story, highly recommended.

Reading journal: Odds Against by Dick Francis

Genre: Crime Published: 1965 Series: Sid Halley Read: January 2018 This was a re-read, one of my favourite Dick Francis books. Sid Halley, now an ex-jockey after a steeple-chasing racing accident destroyed his left hand, works for an investigative agency. He takes on and defeats a villainous land speculator who is determined to gain control of Seabury Racecourse. The story shows its age in places, mostly in descriptions of women’s roles and behaviour, but the main plot is a good one, and the storytelling is first rate. Recommended.