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Lies So Deep (Book 2 in the Tender Spies series)

I used to live in Canberra, and sometimes there was time and money enough to enjoy a few days at the beautiful Sapphire Coast. The towns have wonderful musical names like Bermagui, Tilba, Tathra, Merimbula, Pambula and Eden. Lies So Deep is set in the hinterland behind these coastal villages, somewhere in the dairy country. Of course I never met any smugglers there, and there is no Little Buckthorn Creek. My story is entirely fiction. The terrifying Pambula River sandbar, on which Stephen nearly comes to grief, is, however, completely real. Daredevil surfers seem to like it though. Pambula River Bar [photo: P Kelley] About Lies So Deep It’s just another mission for Stephen Zammit and his partner Andrew Corrieva — infiltrate a smuggler family down in the dairy country and find out how they are eluding Customs patrols. The stakes are high; the last investigator didn’t survive to make his report. But for Stephen, the stakes become personal. He falls for Honey,