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Muttama Creek, looks innocent but...

Muttama Creek runs through the middle of Cootamundra, over several flood-prone low-level crossings and under a few bridges. It runs down through a wide valley, its own floodplain, to Coolac and then into the Murrumbidgee River. Muttama Creek, Cootamundra, NSW It doesn't look like much, but this tiny watercourse has serious form. It used to feed a large dam, the Stock Dam, on the location of what is now Jubilee Park. It flooded Parker Street, the main street, to over a metre on more than one occasion. (Photo below, Coota Deluge 4.12.19,  from State Library of NSW, see original here ) Parker St, Cootamundra, 1919 (Photo State Library of NSW) Amazingly, Muttama Creek washed away the railway to Gundagai and Tumut so many times that in the end the track was abandoned completely in 1984. About 25km downstream is the village of Muttama, and the creek there is much more robust, running even in December (the first month of summer). Muttama Creek, Muttama, NSW The