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Key goes here — Murphy's Law in practice

I found this on a temporary building on a construction site in Canberra. Included not as a commentary on vocational education in Australia, but as a tribute to practical problem solving. Just imagine the degree of irritation bordering on homicidal rage that this must have caused! Everyone knows that if there is a way of getting something wrong, that's the way that things will inevitably happen. There's even a name for it — Murphy's Law. I can almost hear the swearing and cursing as someone got it wrong for the hundredth time and decided that something HAD to be done. Perhaps after ruling out replacing the lock, or glueing up the dud lock, or welding a plate over it, or replacing the entire door, or blowing up the whole building (something we authors quite enjoy doing), this practical person decided instead to rely on a novel technology to assist himself and others — the written word. And for those challenged by the written word, an arrow is included. Why are there