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Travelling the Hay Plains

Like many Canberrans, I moved here from somewhere else. I left Adelaide, with its baking hot summers and excessive number of relatives, far behind me, returning only for Christmas or family events. Adelaide is around 1200 kilometres from Canberra (800 or so miles). To get there, you need to travel across the Hay Plains, a huge flat area that used to be an inland sea in ages past. When we were young and stupid, this took 12 hours of driving westwards into the sun, usually in the extreme heat of midsummer (that's when we have Christmas). It's a long, dull trip. Canberra people argue about the best route (via Ouyen or via Swan Hill), whether it's better to break the journey at Hay or Balranald, or swap war stories about times when they drove the route in a single day. Mid-Western Highway near Hay My recollection of the area around Hay was of a desert, hot, flat and desolate. Hay itself, a small town servicing the area, was dusty and derelict in my memory. Last week we