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Introducing Jai's reading journal

I'm an author, but I'm also a voracious reader. A big reader, often devouring a book a day if I'm not working. I read new books on my Kindle e-reader, but I also have many shelves of print books. I'm working through these to decide which ones to keep. Sometimes I'd like to keep them but the print is too small or dense for me to read, a sad side-effect of ageing. For some, especially Australian printed books or cheap mass market paperbacks, the paper has foxed and deteriorated. Others, I'm regretting the hard-earned money I wasted on them, and they go straight onto the charity pile. Starting in February 2018, I will post thoughts on each book I read. Some entries will be brief, others longer reviews, especially for Australian crime, action and adventure, and science fiction, which are my favourite themes. Enjoy.

The Spy Racket — promotion

The Spy Racket (Book 5 in the Tender Spies series) was previously published as The Adila Arrangement. 

The Spy Racket—Australian action

The Spy Racket (originally published as The Adila Arrangement) was relaunched in 2021 as Book 5 of the Tender Spies series.

The Spy Racket (Tender Spies Book 5)

BUY EBOOK About The Spy Racket Anything that can go wrong with Stephen Zammit’s missions usually does. This outing seems straightforward enough—ride herd on a notorious racketeer who has offered to help the agency close down crime networks that could support terrorists or foreign spies. If only the racketeer wasn’t the vicious, estranged father of Stephen’s partner Andrew. And if only they hadn’t been forced to abandon Stephen’s ex, Joanne, just when she needs them the most. The racketeer has an agenda of his own, and in no time at all the mission spins out of control, stranding Stephen and Andrew far outside their comfort zones. The mission is particularly difficult for Andrew, throwing him back into a world of casual violence that he thought he had escaped forever. Joanne manages to find some peace of mind, but is dragged back into the covert world when the agency itself comes under threat. Do Stephen, Andrew and Joanne have what it takes to survive and win through to what

Lies So Deep (Book 2 in the Tender Spies series)

I used to live in Canberra, and sometimes there was time and money enough to enjoy a few days at the beautiful Sapphire Coast. The towns have wonderful musical names like Bermagui, Tilba, Tathra, Merimbula, Pambula and Eden. Lies So Deep is set in the hinterland behind these coastal villages, somewhere in the dairy country. Of course I never met any smugglers there, and there is no Little Buckthorn Creek. My story is entirely fiction. The terrifying Pambula River sandbar, on which Stephen nearly comes to grief, is, however, completely real. Daredevil surfers seem to like it though. Pambula River Bar [photo: P Kelley] About Lies So Deep It’s just another mission for Stephen Zammit and his partner Andrew Corrieva — infiltrate a smuggler family down in the dairy country and find out how they are eluding Customs patrols. The stakes are high; the last investigator didn’t survive to make his report. But for Stephen, the stakes become personal. He falls for Honey,