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When does the future begin?

How near is the future? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year? In political terms it’s decades away. Sitting in the driver’s seat knowing that other car is about to hit you, the future is right now. Isaac Asimov wrote a story about this (in 1956) called The Dead Past. A bereaved parent wants to travel back in time to see his loved one once again. He discovers that all time travel has been suppressed, and exerts himself to circumvent this. His success begins a new era of mass surveillance—he hadn’t thought it through. Time travel into the past is indistinguishable from real-time surveillance of everyone everywhere, since the past begins anew every second. And so does the future. My short stories are set in the near future; they could happen this afternoon, or next week. They are rooted in the present, but make assumptions about how the present might develop. The stories: Dronejack What if a drone achieves sentience by accident? (I know, not a very original idea, but sti