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Spring in Canberra: author inspiration

Cockington Green Gardens isn't just a great day out, it has inspired me as an author. In my book, The Spy Racket , my heroine, Joanne, in all kinds of trouble, needs to retreat to a quiet place away from the pressures of her extended family. A friend lends her his farm. Here's an excerpt: Lin dropped down a gear, and the car persevered upwards, skirting a massive clump of granite rocks, and then climbing upwards again. The cottage came into view, looking small and insignificant, with mighty trees rising up behind it in a wall of green. ‘Cottage’ to many people would mean a solid stone building, maybe with a tiled or thatched roof and stone floors, but certainly a comfortable refuge. Joanne had no such expectations. This building was exactly what she had expected. A better name for it would be ‘hut’ or ‘shack’. It looked old. It was built from rough-cut timber slabs, running vertically from the wooden plank floor to the rusty corrugated iron roof. An uneven timber veran