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Reading journal: The Māori Detective by D A Crossman

Genre: Crime Published: 2017 Series: The Red Zone Mysteries Read: February 2018 This is a wild ride! Carlos Wallace, part-Māori, returns to Christchurch to work as a private investigator after his career in the New South Wales police force goes bad. There are plenty of plot strands, including in no particular order a lost dog, an unfaithful wife being blackmailed, a missing financier, an inheritance or two, a clairvoyant cousin, evil spies, looters who come to a sticky end, creepy old grannies with family history to share, Māori legends, a missing French girl, an international assassin, assorted gangsters, and a business partner, Ginny, in hiding from her abusive husband. Overshadowing everything is the city of Christchurch itself, ruined by earthquakes and in the throes of mourning and renewal. The Red Zone refers to areas restricted after the earthquakes, especially the CBD, which was cordoned off for safety reasons for years, and residential areas which were no longer s