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Reading journal: Gods, Monsters, and the Lucky Peach by Kelly Robson

Genre: Science Fiction Published: 2018 Date read: August 2018 Well-written and imaginative, but rather doom-laden story. In a post-plague future, humanity have survived and moved on, but underlying characteristics of duplicity and self-interest remain. A scientific project involving time travel to observe early Mesopotamian civilisation goes wrong when one of the party sabotages the mission. The story is told from two viewpoints, scientist Minh and ancient king Shulgi, and jumps around in time, so that nothing that happens is really a surprise. I would have liked it to be. I was interested in Minh’s perspective. Minh is a plague baby, and must manage a range of physical ailments as a result of early damage. She has bio-prosthetic limbs and a bad case of depression. Her greatest wish is to be a recluse, living a quiet life pruning peach trees, but financial obligations intrude and she is forced to interact with others and to participate in the time travel project. The moti

*Anne with an E*

We've been watching this loose adaptation of L M Montgomery's "Anne of Green Gables" series on Netflix and enjoying it very much. The Canadian scenery is extraordinary, so much space and cold winds and sunshine. Anne Shirley is an orphan, adopted by a childless brother and sister who live on a farm on Prince Edward Island in Canada in the early 1900s. The series follows the highs and lows of Anne's life, beginning with her trials in the village school and adapting to island life, and progressing through love affairs, education and work into her adult life. I read the series avidly as a ten year old, borrowing each in turn from the public library. To my astonishment, my husband is now reading them (ebook versions). Unsurprisingly, he didn't read them as a boy, but as a man over 60 he's plowing through them, laughing and reading out the good bits. Anne Shirley with Marilla Cuthbert in "Anne with an E" on Netflix Right now he's read

Reading journal: Once Burned, Twice Spy by Diane Henders

Genre: Spies and espionage Published: 2018 Series: Never Say Spy Date read: June 2018 Aidan Kelly works for a Canadian secret agency. In this outing she must ride herd on a bunch of international scientists showing each other their secret weapons. Something goes wrong and Aidan is accused of stealing the weapon. Quite a good yarn. I particularly liked the beginning, where Aidan’s team must drive through heavy snow to a meeting in Calgary, and one of their vehicles slides off the road. There’s a lot of detail about how to survive atrocious road conditions and what not to do. As an Australian living in the inland plains this is not a hazard I have ever faced, nor am I likely to. I was reminded of Tim Taylor in the series Home Improvement , a man who received an award for safety training for showing realistic accidents and injuries on his TV handyman program. Of course, Tim was actually a total klutz. Aidan does much better. This is the thirteenth book in the series, and th