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Wipptee farm — what's it like?

 Wipptee is an imaginary farming property, located in the rolling foothills west of the Great Dividing Range in Australia, somewhere between Wagga Wagga and Dubbo. In school we had maps of Australia, and we were given little stamps to put on the map to show where agriculture happened. This region was where we put sheep and wheat stamps. It's used for mixed farming, both crops and livestock. Canola is grown for oilseed, also many grains like wheat and barley, and other crops like lentils, chickpeas, sorghum, lupins, and lucerne for feed. There are many, many sheep. Wipptee isn't a real place, but in my imagination it looks like this, and is the central location for much of the drama in the book Wipptee , a cozy mystery / rural romance. BUY EBOOK NOW

Rakali — Australian water rats

  These little mammals are found in most parts of Australia but they're shy, so I've never seen one in real life. I'd never even heard of them until I read about people catching them by accident in nets. Needless to say, that's illegal. I look forward to seeing one in real life one day. In Wipptee , a cozy mystery / rural romance, the heroine Maddie envies rakali because they live in peaceful quiet waters while she is buffeted in rough waters. BUY EBOOK NOW