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Weather: entertainment or information?

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at weather maps recently as the big wet has flooded inland Australia week after week. There’s a lot to choose from. I can see maps showing warnings, lists of rivers that are going to flood, and any number of seven day forecasts. I can’t see my own town’s weather in real time because we are too small to warrant an automated weather station. In fact, some days, the temperature and rainfall measurements never appear at all. I guess whoever does the work couldn’t make it over to the airport that day. There are monitors in the creek upstream where heavy falls are most likely to cause flash flooding through the town, but these aren’t integrated in any meaningful way into our forecasts. Monitoring Muttama Creek What people seem to want are pretty satellite graphics that show clouds moving in stately circles from west to east. These are fairly useless. In the old days on TV (yeah, it was black and white, since you ask) we always got what was cal