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The Spy Racket — promotion

The Spy Racket (Book 5 in the Tender Spies series) was previously published as The Adila Arrangement. 

My Coota garden (autumn 2016)

Our first summer in Coota has been interesting. Rain — irregular. From October to March we had just over 300mm in total, but November had 88mm, February only 18mm. This was tough on plants, since I did only two supplementary waterings over that time. Temperatures —hot. Mean maximum temps were around 30 degrees Celsius. Very hard work for plants. So what survived? Drum roll ... The winner is:  Hardenbergia. Spread all over the place and just laughed at the weather. Unfortunately, so did the cursed “lawn”, some kind of invasive runner-based grass. Close runners up: Callistemon (bottlebrush) and Melaleuca (paperbark). These have water-conserving narrow leaves with hard coatings. Comfortable without thriving: Grevillea, protea, African daisies of some kind, semi-succulent, Mexican Orange Blossom, mandarin, lilli pilli, kangaroo paw, various unidentified corms and bulbs. Battlers: Roses, camellias, abelia, cherry. Didn’t die but are in poor conditio

The Spy Racket—Australian action

The Spy Racket (originally published as The Adila Arrangement) was relaunched in 2021 as Book 5 of the Tender Spies series.