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Book review: Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons

I have read this book a few times, and seen the movie, which was fun. Best word to describe it — funny. The author pokes fun at everything; English novels set in wild and horrible places, rustic people, the unsophisticated, the sophisticated, the County, the literary crowd, with a particular swipe at cinema tragics, and even herself. The writing style is fine, straightforward and readable, except for the bits she deliberately wrote in flowery literary style. You know the kind of thing, the bits you always skip over in The Lord of the Rings , long tedious descriptions of weather and landscape, aka purple prose. Gibbons helpfully marks these passages with asterisks like this ***, and says in the introduction that they are there to assist non-literary types in working out which parts of the text are the best, with an aside that this will also help reviewers. (My edition was published in 1950, other editions might not have that introduction). Plot summary: Flora, an orphan with ins