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Skink wall

Skinks seem to thrive in urban habitats. In Canberra we had some in a rocky grassy north-facing courtyard. Here in Cootamundra we have an entire family, possibly a nation, living on our north facing wall. A bit nerve-wracking when they come inside and you see just a flickering movement out of the corner of your eye ... The brickwork is very rough, lots of places to hide, lots of spiders and other things to eat. And of course, the drainpipe panic rooms (patent pending) make a wonderful refuge when big scary people with cameras appear. Rough brickwork North facing skink wall, warm all year

Bad boys called Stephen (fiction)

There seem to be many fictional characters called Stephen (or Steven) who are bad, bad boys. I've even created one myself. Here are some of my favourites. I'd love to hear about others (not real-life people, that's another story entirely!) Steve Cline in Kit Ehrman's mysteries doesn't look like a bad one at first, but read the stories and all is revealed. I love these books, written in the mould of Dick Francis. Steve is a barn manager turned sleuth, knows a lot about horses, and has a loyal girlfriend. This doesn't stop him getting into all kinds of trouble and sleeping with a whole string of women who throw themselves at him. No self-control at all! In fact he's a bit of a rat. Next is Stephen Day, a gifted practitioner / shaman, always on the verge of turning warlock, who saves the life of his lover, Lucien Vaudrey, Lord Crane, and channels the magical power of magpies. Great story set in London in the Victorian era. Of course, we can