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Novella inspiration — stile and wombat hole

I'm slaving over a novella in the Bargains and Trades series, working title "Hustling Honey" (eventually published as Farm Stay , and relaunched in 2021 as Lies So Deep , Book 2 in the Tender Spies series.) One of my protagonists goes for a walk, but poor Andrew is not a happy man in the country. He narrowly escapes horrendous injuries from nesting ducks, assorted insects and a mob of kangaroos, then climbs over a stile and trudges up a hill, only to fall into a wombat hole. Stile for crossing fence This stile is at the Taemas Bridge over the Murrumbidgee River. That long grass is bound to be snake infested. I wasn't even a little bit tempted to climb over there, I guess I have a lot in common with Andrew. Wombat hole I had never seen a wombat hole before this one, extraordinary thing to find. I didn't see the wombat of course, they are nocturnal.