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Taemas Bridge on the Murrumbidgee

The Taemas Bridge crosses the Murrumbidgee River near Cavan in New South Wales. This bridge has been here since 1930 or so, replacing a number of other bridges, fords and punts that had been destroyed by flooding (more info on Wikipedia ). The road in is narrow, steep and winding, and from here gets even worse as you drive very, very carefully towards Wee Jasper. You can see the road to Yass in the photo here, it's the cutting in the side of the hill in the background. The river is quite high at present (October 2014). This is the view upstream. The Taemas Bridge is a location in my novel, Runaway Spy  (ebook available from Amazon) .  My heroine, Joanne,  makes plans to meet someone there. Here's an extract: Joanne made good time. The dirt road was well maintained and dry, and she reached the sealed road faster than she expected. She walked on the shoulder, facing oncoming traffic for safety, and arrived at the bridge well before the appointed time. She