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Book review: The Apricot Colonel by Marion Halligan

I loved this book, kindly recommended to me by  Kristin Milton . Marion Halligan is a great story teller, and this mystery, set in Canberra and Tilba, is a lot of fun. The heroine is Cassandra, a freelance editor who finds herself on the edge of a tangle of murders and with too many men seeking her attention. She is drawn to the most secretive of them, Al Marriott, and repelled by another, name unknown but who she thinks of as "Hotbaby" (named after his car vanity registration plate), while being unsure about the charming Irishman Dermot. There are many mysteries to be solved: who killed two women in Cassandra's own suburb and why? Who is the alluring woman hovering just out of sight? Who sabotaged the tyres on her mother's car? Who is "Hotbaby" and is he really stalking her? Why is Al Marriott known as the "Apricot Colonel"? And the biggie, will Cassandra find love and with whom? All of these are efficiently tied up at the end with a neat