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Being a Canberra writer

Canberra has many talented writers: journalists, academics and students, policy and speech writers, social media gurus, website content authors, and of course, fiction authors. What's it like to be a writer in Canberra? The same as anywhere else. There aren't any government freebies, just a city full of fascinating people to provide inspiration, fantastic libraries for research, and the internet to connect to the outside world. This post is part of a blog tour, and I was invited to take part by A H Gray, author of the historical series, The Northumbrian Saga , packed full of exciting Viking and Anglo-Saxon characters. You can get an insight into A H Gray's creative process from her blog   So what's my writing process like? What am I working on? (2021 Update: This book has been republished as The Spy Racket , Book 5 in the Tender Spies series.). I'm working on Book 3 of the Bargains and Trades series of short stories and novels, The Adila Arrangement .