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Yass Junction

Yass, around an hour's travel north of Canberra, is an interesting rural town dating from the early years of European settlement in the 1830s. It is on the main route between Sydney and Melbourne, both the Hume Highway and the railway. When the railway was built it bypassed the town because of construction problems and extra costs, although later a branch line into the town was built, hence the name, Yass Junction. Water was pumped up to the station for use in steam trains, and the pump house is still there. Yass Junction Railway Station Pumphouse In this photo (taken in spring, 2013) you can see the creek, but I couldn't find the location of the dam that must be there. The Hume Highway is in the middle distance. Yass Junction Railway Station buildings The station buildings, still in use, are beautiful as well. The NSW Environment and Heritage site has more information about Yass Junction  for train fans. Yass, and the Yass Junction railway station, are used as loca